Abbott Road

In 2010, with assistance from the York County Soil & Water Conservation District (YCSWCD), Maine Department of Environmental Protection (ME DEP), and the Abbott Road Association AWWA was able to install a variety of stormwater BMP’s on Abbott Road.  Before the project, Abbot Road was heavily rutted. Steep slopes combined with little drainage left Abbot Road incredibly vulnerable to erosion, evidenced in the large number of ruts and potholes as Abbott Road winds down to the lake.

Abbot Before

Before pictures from Abbott Road. Note the lack of drainage area for runoff

To start, winter sand berms were removed, allowing stormwater to leave the roadway. Over 2,000 feet of ditching was added or reestablished along the side of Abbott Road, allowing water to infiltrate into the ground versus flowing on top of the road. At the fork of Abbott Road and Jericho Way the road was regraded to pitch stormwater into the ditching and paved to prevent erosion. A parking area on Jericho way was regraded and covered with Erosion Control Mulch to prevent further erosion. Finally, various culverts were added or retrofitted, with armoring added at their inlets and outlets to drop sediments out of suspension in the stormwater.

Completed ditching on Abbott Road

Completed ditching on Abbott Road