Directors & Staff

AWWA Board of Directors 2016
President Dick DesRoches Lovell Lake
Vice President Jeanne Achille Wilson Lake
Secretary Pete Tasker Lovell Lake
Treasurer Jon  Samuelson Province Lake
Pete Dinger Province Lake
Chuck Hodsdon Great East Lake
Mary Lenzen At-large
Rosemary Stewart Pine River Pond
Directors Emeritus
Pat Theisen Great East Lake
Glenn Wildes Wilson Lake

AWWA Staff

Executive Director Linda Schier is one of the founding members of AWWA. A former President of the Great East Lake Improvement Association, Linda became the President of AWWA in 2005. As the project load grew Linda accepted the position as part-time Executive Director. Linda holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Environmental Education from UNH and is a volunteer with the UNH Marine Docent Program.

Program Manager Amy Arsenault joined AWWA in the spring of 2016. Amy served as a crew leader for the YCC under the direction of Sam Wilson as he transitioned out of AWWA after 12 years. Amy graduated with a BS in Environmental Conservation & Sustainability from the University of New Hampshire in 2014. The summer of 2016 gave Amy an understanding of the YCC work and installation of erosion control measures.Having worked with the University of New Hampshire’s Lakes Lay Monitoring Program, Amy brings experience in water quality sample collection and analysis, and has experience working with volunteers. In addition to her experience with water quality monitoring, Amy brings experience in wetland ecology, resource management research, and STEM education. Amy is excited to work with AWWA, as her dream job is at the conjunction of research, education, and public participation. She is looking forward to her work contributing to public awareness of environmental issues.