How Can AWWA Help You?!

What happens on your property when it rains?

  • Does the water rush down your driveway into the lake?
  • Does your roof runoff leave ruts under your eaves?
  • Do you have an open slope to the lake with nothing to slow the water?
  • Does water come pouring out of your downspouts with nothing to contain it?

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Downspout Runoff                                        Slope Runoff

Gregorio Before 07

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Driveway Runoff                                                  Eaves Runoff

Not only is your property disappearing but when sediment enters the lake it damages the water quality and habitat for aquatic creatures.

Sediments can cloud the water, damage fish gills, smother microscopic organisms, and carry pollutants. Those pollutants can increase plant and algae growth; harm aquatic insects, fish and birds; and can be dangerous for swimmers-all leading to lower property values.

None of us want that!


Simply contact Program Manager Amy Arsenault for more information at 603-473-2500 or



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