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NH Department of Enviromental Services (DES) Watershed Assistance Program

NH Department of Environmental Services Watershed Assistance and Restoration Grantees Forum Blog – This is the place to interact with current, past, and possibly future grantees, the DES Watershed Assistance Section staff, and other interested parties.

Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) – Water Quality

KnowledgeBase – Science and Information Management for the Gulf of Maine and its Watershed!

Reddit’s Water Page – Water is the most precious resource on Earth. It will be the most contested resource in the 21st century.

New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission (NEIWPCC) – “Serving our member states by fostering collaboration on water issues, training environmental professionals, coordinating water research, educating the public, and providing overall leadership in water management and protection.”

University of Maine Cooperative Extension: Agriculture & Water Quality

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension: Water Resources

Lakes of Maine – Information about Maine lakes

Lakes Environmental Association (LEA) – dedicated to protecting the waters and watersheds of Western Maine.

Portland Water District – Publications



New Hampshire Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management

Check out Tips for a Natural Lakeshore from the US EPA for Lakes Appreciation Month.

What you can do to slow the flow of stormwater runoff on your property: Conservation Practices for Homeowners from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Explore an interactive website that demonstrates ways to protect freshwater resources: The Nature Conservancy Freshwater Conservation

NH Lake Protection Tips Some Do’s and Don’ts for Maintaining Healthy Lakes

ME Lake Protection Tips A Laker’s Dozen – 13 Ways You Can Help the Lake

Great Tips for Homeowners from ThinkBlue Maine

A Citizens Guide to Lake Protection – Minnesota guide to lakes

Maine Department of Conservation



An in-depth look at Understanding Lake Ecology from Water on the Web

Frequently asked questions about lakes from Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Rubber Ducky video about stormwater from ThinkBlue Maine

NH’s Lakes Lay Monitoring Program is dedicated to preservation and sound management of lakes through citizen-based monitoring and research.

Physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of lake ecology provided by Lake Access and the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Image Based Key to Zooplankton of the Northeast

Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) – Volunteers who gather scientific information about the health of Maine lakes

New Hampshire Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) – Initiated in 1985 in response to an expressed desire of lake associations to be involved in lake protection and watershed management



Great East Lake Improvement Association

Lovell Lake Association

Wilson Lake Association

Province Lake Association

Pine River Pond Association

Belleau Lake Property Owners Association

Balch Lake Improvement Association

Horn Pond Association

NH Lakes Association

Maine Lakes Society



Acton, Maine

Wakefield, New Hampshire



Great East Lake

Wilson Lake (Maine)

Lovell Lake

Horn Pond

Lake Ivanhoe (New Hampshire)

Province Lake

Pine River Pond