The Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance has developed 5 “Key-Action Categories” from the Salmon Falls Headwater Lakes Watershed Plan that are applicable to all watersheds in our region.  We focus our energy, time, and money on these categories to maintain and improve water quality in Acton, ME and Wakefield, NH.

  • Private and Public Roadway Best Management Practices (BMP) – Reducing sediment loads to the lakes and tributary streams is a priority and can be accomplished through the stabilization and reinforcement of road crossings and roadsides to trap pollutants before entering the watercourses.
  • Watershed Planning – local ordinances must be strengthened to protect water quality and both local and state regulations must be routinely and fairly enforced.
  • Residential BMPs – Riparian Buffers, Low Impact Development and Septic Systems – coordinate with local landowners to encourage vegetated buffers at the shoreline and low impact development techniques, and implement a septic system inspection and pumping recommendation program.
  • Education and Outreach – work with seasonal and full-time residents to enhance the understanding of land use/water quality connections through school programs, lake associations, and community groups.
  • Land Conservation – coordinate among municipalities, land trusts, regional planning commissions, and lake associations to protect upland areas of the SF headwater lakes’ watersheds to ensure that some land remains in an undisturbed state which will help reduce total phosphorus runoff.