Module 1 – Introduction

This first module is designed to educate or reinforce concepts at the 5th to 6th grade level.  The module is composed of three parts that can be issued during a single class period of 45-60 minutes.  Module 1 – Introduction

Hydrologic Cycle (presentation) – 10-15 minutes
The first part is an introductory presentation that focuses on the parts of the water cycle, the differences between phases, how much fresh water is on earth, and how that water is recycled.

Create Your Own Watershed (activity) – 15 minutes
This activity allows students to create their own miniature watershed from scrap paper and monitor the flow of water within drainage boundaries.  This activity also focuses on the difference between pristine and polluted runoff.

Sum of the Parts (activity) – 15 minutes
This activity is similar to “Create Your Own Watershed” but with a different focus.  Students can create their own miniature watersheds out of sand and observe how runoff flows down shallow and steep slopes and forms wetlands and lakes.