Module 4 – Capstone

The fourth, and final module, is designed to be a capstone project for an 8th grade class that has received the previous three modules in 6th and 7th grades.  This module can be implemented without having the previous modules, but the goal is institute all the programs in schools and have students spend three years working with water quality, groundwater, polluted runoff, and erosion control.  The Capstone project requires three classes to institute; two in the fall and one in the spring.  Module 4 – Capstone

Class #1 – 45 minutes
The first class in the fall is an introductory class with a 30-40 minute presentation on maps, water quality, soils, watersheds, polluted runoff, and erosion control.  The goal is to educate and/or remind them of the issues we face with stormwater runoff.  The presentation also spends the last 15 minutes introducing Best Management Practices (BMPs) that they may be able to use to remedy an erosion issue.

Class #2 – 45 minutes
The second class in the fall is best if it can directly follow the first class by a day or two.  This period is spent as a “field trip” class walking around the student’s campus or local area where they can identify erosion issues and make suggestions on what BMP may fix the issue the best.  This is a good opportunity to show students how to identify different types of erosion e.g. gullies and sheet erosion, and teach them how to spot the evidence of erosion and water flow.  It is also important that they gain an understanding of sizing the BMP.

Class #3 – 45 minutes
The final class is dependent on how the teacher chose to address the project.  Hopefully students designed BMPs at various locations and handed in a report that specifies these.  If this is the case, work with the teacher to decide on a demonstration BMP to install in the spring   During the class period, students can learn how to install the BMP, learn why and how it works, and potentially help install the BMP.

Acton Elementary School Capstone Project – Installing Infiltration Steps

Completed Infiltration Steps at Acton Elementary School