BR006 & 007

The Wakefield DPW hit the ground running this spring and was back at Brackett Road to complete a few projects before the summer season began.  They were able to complete two project sites.  The crew added a stand pipe in the detention pond above Brackett Road at site BR006 and the AWWA YCC will come in this summer and stabilize the swale and drainage trench with large riprap stone.  Pictures to come!

The DPW also completed site BR007.  This site was similar to the previous three sites done in the fall.  They improved the crown of the road, tipping it away from the lake into a newly armored (riprap) trench that leads to a deep sump catch basin.  The catch basin drains to the other side of the road where a detention pond was created.  The detention basin was connected to an existing infiltration trench for any stormwater that overflows the system.  Pictures to come!