Before construction – BR008 is located just up the road from BR009.  The site is located in the valley of two hills that comprise the road and one steep bank that heads away from Lovell Lake.  This catch basin was constructed as part of a way to manage the stormwater before this project came to be.

Before – BR008 inlet off the road was clogged with large volumes of sand and fine clays.  The result was a large stormwater issue at the base of the property near the house and lake.

AFTER – The UNH Stormwater Center designed a similar fix to this site as with BR013 and BR009.  The design involves a trench along the side of the road which is graded to drain into the trench (below).

The trench then drains to a deep sump catch basin and is piped across the street via a culvert.

The remaining runoff is piped into this large detention basin.

This 20’x10′ detention basin replaced a 5’x10′ catch basin that was clogged with mud and not infiltrating any stormwater.