Hawk Road – Wilson Lake

The Hawk Road Association partnered with the Wilson Lake Association, AWWA, the York County Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Maine DEP to do some road work on some chronic trouble spots along the road.  In the late summer of 2012 two locations on Hawk Road were addressed.

Site #1:  The Hawk Road boat launch area was undergoing erosion and sediment problems stemming from the uphill dirt road and the design of the stream crossing culvert.
The site had two undersized culverts draining the stream into the lake.  This was causing sedimentation issues at the outlet to the stream.  There was also no buffer to prevent sediment from the uphill dirt road from entering the system.  The project included paving the uphill section, armoring a ditch along the slope, replacing the culverts and creating a detention basin just before the entry to the stream.

Looking toward the boat launch and stream crossing.  Pavement will prevent excess sediment from entering the stream and lake.

Small detention basin at the head of the stream to slow runoff down and capture sediment before entering the stream.

Site #2:  This area was part of a major road issue as well as a residential erosion problem that the AWWA YCC worked on in 2011.  The YCC installed a detention basin that led into a large rain garden with armored infiltration trenches as inlets and outlets to the garden.  The road had several rocks and roots that were pushing the road up and creating ponding areas for stormwater.  The site is also situated at the base of three hills, thus receiving a large volume of stormwater.  To create better conveyance of stormwater, the project removed the roots and rocks, graded the road into an expanded detention basin, and paved the road.

Spring of 2011 before 2011 YCC project and 2012 road work.

Fall 2012 with installed detention basin, paved road, and YCC rain garden.

Site #3: This project should be completed early in 2013.  Stay tuned for details.