Langley Shores Drive – Great East Lake

In late spring/early summer of 2012 the Langley Shores Drive Road Association, the Great East Lake Improvement Association, AWWA, Your County Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Maine DEP partnered to address some heavily eroded areas on Langley Shores Drive.  Through some great organization and planning, the Langley Shores Drive road association was able to install BMPs on two road sites.

Each site was designed in a similar way.  The plan included grading and paving the dirt road on two sloped sections of the road.  The pavement leads to a deep sump catch basin designed to capture runoff, allow sediment to settle out, and convey cleaner stormwater to the lake.

Although the pavement allows stormwater to move faster over surfaces, this design prevents subsequent erosion by getting the stormwater in the catch basin before it can cause issues down road.