Province Lake Watershed Management Plan

1-07-1In 2012, the Province Lake Association (PLA) began the development of a watershed based management plan for Province Lake after several years of harmful algal blooms. AWWA took a key role in the plan, assisting the PLA by conducting watershed and septic surveys of the lake in order to determine the amount of pollutants entering Province Lake on an annual basis. The data was then plugged into a model by FB Environmental, who developed a plan with the assistance of area residents, local leaders, UNH, AWWA and NH DES. The plan process determined that in order to meet the water quality goal and for Province Lake to be removed from the impaired waters list the phosphorus input must be reduced by 25%.

To view the full plan click here: Province Lake Watershed Management Plan

As we enter the implementation stage of this watershed management plan, AWWA will be assisting the PLA with roadway BMP installations, YCC projects, septic system fixes and education, and community outreach events to benefit the lake.

One such event was the beach cleanup done this past summer. Finds from this year included 19 soiled diapers, a used tampon, and HUNDREDS of cigarette butts. This, and other finds, added up to a total of 2400 pieces of trash weighing in at a hefty 273 lbs.

IMG_6354Despite the vast amount of garbage on the shores and beaches of Province Lake, efforts like this are encouraging. A beach cleanup shows that the people of Province Lake care about the lake and its inherent beauty, and they are willing to act to protect it.

To volunteer for the next Province Lake Beach Cleanup, please contact the Province Lake Association at

IMG_6351For more information on the Province Lake Watershed Management Plan, visit the Province Lake Association website here or download a copy of the plan from the NH DES here!