2014 YCC Season

Over the last nine years, AWWA’s Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) program has been a visible and successful program.  The YCC was formed by a small group of individuals dedicated to protecting the pristine lakes of Wakefield, NH and Acton, ME.  In 2005 it became very clear that if the lakes in this region were not protected and people were not educated about the dangers of polluted runoff, the economic engine that drives Wakefield and Acton would be lost and cost property owners thousands upon thousands of dollars.

2014-07-14 16.47.29

An AWWA YCC infiltration staircase.

By organizing the YCC program, AWWA was able to “put shovels in the ground” and make an immediate impact on the water quality of the local lakes.  With this flagship program, AWWA has been able to convey the message of the importance of water quality, how to deal with erosion issues, how to engage and educate property owners, and provide summer jobs for local youths.

This was another great year for the YCC Program! This year the YCC prevented 37.8 tons of sediment and 31.9 pounds of phosphorus from entering lakes in the AWWA region. The YCC crew worked for eight straight weeks, through rain and intense heat. Their dedication allowed for the construction of 93 Best Management Practices on five different lakes in the AWWA region.

2014-07-30 12.59.07

The AWWA YCC at work installing a rubber razor

In addition to the YCC projects, AWWA Program Manager and Technical Director Sam Wilson conducted 25 Technical Assistance visits. At a technical assistance visit, the Technical Director meets with landowners to discuss runoff issues on the property and potential Best Management Practices. A design is then provided, and the landowner can either install the BMP’s themselves or request assistance through the YCC. Currently 7 of this year’s Technical Assistance Visits will move on to projects for the upcoming 2015 season.


View our tour below, or check out our 2014 YCC Final Report.