The AWWA Watersheds

The AWWA region includes the watersheds of Province Lake, Belleau Lake, Balch Lake, Pine River Pond, Sandy Pond, Woodman Lake (Saco River watershed) Lake Ivanhoe, Great East Lake, Horn Pond, Wilson Lake, Lovell Lake (Salmon Falls River watershed) and their tributaries.

Province Lake flows into the South River and joins the Ossipee River near Porter, Maine. Pine River Pond flows into the Pine River which feeds Ossipee Lake and then the Ossipee River. Belleau Lake, Woodman Lake and Sandy Pond flow into Balch Lake to form the headwaters of the Little Ossipee River. The Ossipee and Little Ossipee rivers flow to the Gulf of Maine via the Saco River.

Great East Lake, Horn Pond, Lake Ivanhoe, and Wilson Lake form the headwaters of the Salmon Falls River which defines the border between Maine and New Hampshire from Great East Lake to its confluence with the Cocheco River. Lovell Lake feeds the Branch River which flows into Milton Three Ponds where it joins the Salmon Falls. When the Salmon Falls River joins the Cocheco River they form the Piscataqua River, defining the state border to the Gulf of Maine. 

The AWWA watersheds cover approximately 55 square miles primarily within Acton and Wakefield but reaching into Parsonfield and Newfield, ME and Effingham, Wolfeboro and Brookfield, NH .

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