Balch Lake

This 577 acre  lake  is located on the borders of Acton and West Newfield, ME and Wakefield, NH with a watershed area of 14.3 square miles. Balch Lake is also referred to as Balch Pond or Stump Pond. The lake is currently classified as impaired due to high levels of mercury, invasive aquatic plants (milfoil, in this case) and low pH. Balch Lake receives water from Belleau Lake, Woodman Lake, and Sandy Pond flow into Balch, which empties into the Little Ossipee River.

Lake Statistics

Lake Area 577 acres
Maximum Depth 46 ft
Maximum Length 0.45 mi
Maximum Width 1.89 mi
Volume 8,114,000 m3 (~2.1 billion gallons)
Average Depth 10 ft
Watershed Area 14.3 sq mi
Shoreline 10.1 mi
Average Transparency 21.3 ft (6.5 meters)

For more information on Balch Lake, check out the Balch Lake Association website here!

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