Great East Lake


Located on the border of Acton, ME and Wakefield, NH Great East Lake is a 1,707 acre lake which makes up the headwaters of the Salmon Falls River.  Great East’s tributaries are Copp Brook and Scribner Brook, and the lake outflows to Horn Pond via a 25 ft deep man made canal. The watershed is currently 66% forested, but 52% of the watershed remains buildable. Great East Lake provides habitat for 21 species of fish as well as 14 species of bird including Common Loon, Wood Duck, Belted Kingfisher and Great Blue Heron.

Lake Statistics

Lake Area 1,707 acres
Maximum Depth 102 ft
Maximum Length 5.5 mi
Maximum Width 1.1 mi
Volume 75,589,500m3 (~20 Billion Gallons)
Average Depth 35 ft
Watershed Area 15.53 sq mi
Shoreline 18.72 mi
Average Transparency 30.2 ft (9.2 m)

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