Lovell Lake

This 554 acre lake lies in the heart of Sanbornville, NH with a 4.8 square mile watershed. Lovell Lake is fed by both springs and a few small streams, such as Horse Brook. The lake drains into the Branch River which runs through downtown Sanbornville.  Lovell Lake is an oligotrophic lake, meaning that it has high water quality and low levels of nutrients.The lake has a mean depth of 18 feet and a max depth of 40 ft

Lake Statistics

Lake Area 554 acres
Maximum Depth 40 ft
Maximum Length 1.94 mi
Maximum Width 0.83 mi
Volume 8,623,000 m3 (304,518,371.1 cu ft)
Average Depth 18 ft
Watershed Area  4.8 sq mi
Shoreline 6.6 mi
Average Transparency 20.7 ft (6.3 meters)

For more information on Lovell Lake, check out the Lovell Lake Association website here!

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