Pine River Pond

Pine River Pond sits at the headwaters of the Pine River, which flows northwest into Ossipee Lake. This 570 acre pond is situated in an 11 square mile watershed. The pond has 15 islands and a dam which maintains it’s water level. It has an average depth of only 10 feet, yet it also has a relatively deep spot at 55 feet deep. It is classified as mesotrophic.

Lake Statistics

Lake Area 570 acres
Maximum Depth 55 ft
Maximum Length 3.6 mi
Maximum Width 0.6 mi
Average Depth 10 ft
Watershed Area 14.3 sq mi
Shoreline 10.1 mi
Average Transparency 19.6 ft (6m)

For more information on Pine River Pond, check out the Pine River Pond Association website here!

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