Province Lake

This 1,008 acre lake rests at the bottom of its 7.3 square mile watershed on the borders of Wakefield and Effingham, NH, and Parsonsfield, ME. Province has tributaries from the South River (which, counter-intuitively, flows north), Hobb’s Brook, and several small unnamed tributaries. The lake empties in the north via the South River. Province Lake is mesotrophic and has been classified as impaired by  the New Hampshire DES due to high amounts of phosphorus and chlorophyll-a. It is also classified as impaired for “primary contact recreation” (i.e., swimming, tubing, etc) due to repeated cyanobacteria blooms. The lake is very shallow with a mean depth of nine feet and a maximum depth of only 17 feet.

In 2012, the Province Lake Association began to work with the Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance and NH DES to develop a watershed management plan. Environmental consulting firm FB Environmental was hired to develop watershed models and a watershed based management plan to reduce the pollution in the lake.

Lake Statistics

Lake Area 1,008 acres
Maximum Depth 17 ft
Maximum Length 1.48 mi
Maximum Width 1.69 mi
Volume 11,268,500m3 (~3 Billion Gallons)
Average Depth 9 ft
Watershed Area 7.3 sq mi
Shoreline 5.3 mi
Average Transparency 8.5 ft (2.59 meters)

For more information on Province Lake, check out the Province Lake Association website here!

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