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Tank Tales Update #4

Most of our eggs have turned into alevin, and only a few have yet to make the transition! All we have to do now is wait until they absorb their yolk sacs, and then we'll have fingerlings to start feeding. Seeing the transformation from egg to alevin makes the process...

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Tank Tales Update #3

On Friday, our fourth grade classes learned about general fish anatomy! The first thing I had the students do was to try and label the basic parts of a fish using a word key. After much debate and uncertainty of their choices, we went over the answers. For a Friday...

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Super Bowl Sunday Tailgate Brunch

Join us Sunday, February 5th, 10:30 - 12:30! We hope your new year is off to a good start! Here at AWWA we are gearing up for another busy season and we have an exciting new way to jump start our year. Our friends at the Poor People’s Pub in Sanbornville are hosting a...

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Tank Tales Update #2

It's been four days since our trout were delivered to the Paul School in Wakefield. After a rough count of the eggs in the tank, it looks like we have around 230! So far we've only had one egg turn white and die. It is important to take out dead eggs as soon as...

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Welcome to Tank Tales!

Welcome to our latest series of blog posts! We will periodically update our blog with what’s happening in the 4th grade classrooms in Wakefield, NH, as they partake in an environmental and educational endeavor. Yesterday was an exciting day at the Paul School. The...

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