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Our mission is to protect and restore water quality to maintain the social, economic, and environmental stability in our towns and in the region.

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2018 Annual Report

Our 2018 Year End Appeal is on its way! Why not save a stamp and a check and contribute online?  We hope you'll take a look at our 2018 Annual Report to learn about our accomplishments in 2018, and to see how critically important your donations are to our work. Click...

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YCC Statistics

If you are all about the numbers, this post is for you! In looking at all of our statistics, we are proud of all the work that has been done in our region to protect water quality. However, there is still so much work can be done! For example, AWWA's Youth...

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8 New Septic Systems for Province Lake Residents

There are a variety of different types of systems designed to deal with wastewater. Septic systems, outhouses, and even portable toilets help us to manage our wastewater to prevent undo harm to human health, aquatic life, or water resources. However, outdated or...

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