Executive Director Linda Schier is one of the founding members of AWWA. A former President of the Great East Lake Improvement Association, Linda became the President of AWWA in 2005. As the project load grew Linda accepted the position as part-time Executive Director. Linda holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Environmental Education from UNH and is a volunteer with the UNH Marine Docent Program.



Amy Arsenault joined AWWA in the spring of 2016. Amy graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Conservation & Sustainability from the University of New Hampshire. Amy was trained on the installation of erosion control measures during the 2016 YCC season. Having worked with the University of New Hampshire’s Lakes Lay Monitoring Program, Amy brings experience in water quality sample collection and analysis, and has experience working with volunteers. In addition to her experience with water quality monitoring, Amy brings experience in wetland ecology, resource management research, and STEM education.



Ruth Gutman’s fond memories of swimming and boating as a child in our area lakes are what led to her interest in land and water conservation. In addition to her work at AWWA assisting with fundraising, she also serves as Three Rivers Land Trust’s sole staff member, and works at the Milton Free Public Library. She lives on a farm in Lebanon, Maine.



Dick’s history with Lovell Lake and the Wakefield-Acton region stretches back to the early 1950’s when he celebrated his 8th birthday while on vacation at the Lake. His family purchased the family summer home on Lovell in 1951 and Dick has spent the most enjoyable part of each year on the Lake ever since.

Dick is a graduate environmental engineer having spent the majority of his 45-year career working in the utility industry in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. In addition to various trade and professional organizations, Dick has served in leadership positions with many non-profit organizations, including education, housing, economic development and mental health support.

After retiring Dick and his wife Judi relocated year round to their home on Lovell Lake. At the Lake, Dick has been involved for many years as a member of the Lovell Lake Association executive committee as the coordinator of the Weed Watch and Water Quality Monitoring programs. Dick is member the Wakefield Planning Board and the Gafney Library Board of Trustees.



Pete grew up in Stamford, Connecticut. He developed a love of NH and its lakes spending summers in the Lakes Region after his parents moved to Plymouth, NH. The first half of his career was spent as a plastics industry engineer. Subsequently he worked for a plastics industry trade association in Washington, D.C. helping build the national infrastructure for recycling plastic packaging and other products. That gave him a deep appreciation for the need to preserve our natural environment.

Retiring and returning to his favorite State in 2010, he discovered Province Lake and bought a house in Effingham. Since 2011 he has been on the Board of the Province Lake Association and subsequently AWWA. He is an active participant in the erosion control, septic improvement and pollution reduction projects that are part of the Province Lake Watershed Plan.



Jon Samuelson is the current Treasurer of the Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance. Prior to joining the board of AWWA, Jon was also a project host for AWWA’s Youth Conservation Corps and had several BMP’s installed on his property on Province Lake. Jon is also a past President of the Province Lake Association (PLA) and is currently a board member of the PLA. In addition, he is actively involved in the implementation of the Province Lake Watershed Management Plan. As Treasurer he is responsible for financial control and all financial matters of AWWA. Jon is a retired financial executive holding several positions with different US based companies in the private sector.



Originally from L.I., N.Y., Jeanne graduated with degrees from Queens College and C.W.Post University. After teaching and coaching at Carle Place High School, she moved to MA and resumed teaching at Memorial Middle School in Fitchburg, MA. While there, she purchased her home on Wilson Lake in Acton, ME, and became a full time resident after retiring in 2005.

Wilson Lake Association meetings introduced Jeanne to the facts about lake fragility and she took advantage of AWWA’s YCC program to start correcting soil erosion issues on her shorefront property. This led to her passion for protecting water quality in the Acton-Wakefield area and her active participation in AWWA’s many programs, as well as YCIASP and MEVLMP.

Although she enjoys many hobbies and interests, including, reading, golf, knitting, kayaking and hiking, she remains primarily involved in the work of protecting our water bodies for future generations.



Chuck’s parents bought a camp on Great East when Chuck was a small child and he and Marcia have raised their children with a deep devotion to the lake. Chuck spent his career as a public school science teacher and loves connecting people with the joys of scientific inquiry. Chuck volunteers with AWWA in the schools program whenever he can and has been the water quality monitor for Great East Lake since the early 1970’s.

“When we started AWWA I thought it was a good idea and that it might even be useful. The successes that it has had have amazed me. Not just on the local lakes and ponds but in the influence that it has had as a model for other groups all over New England and the rest of the country as well. It so far exceeded my expectations that I am a little reluctant to claim to have had any influence on its success.”



Mary moved to the lakes region a few years ago. She is still awed and appreciative of all the natural beauty of the area. Through AWWA she is actively contributing to the health and preservation of the lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Mary is involved in the effective and engaging various AWWA local school programs which ensures that environmental awareness and commitment continues.



As a retired Math & Science Teacher, Rosemary is the Coordinator/Career Counselor for the Gafney Library Literacy Program. She is also a Volunteer for the Wakefield Food Pantry. “I am proud to be on the Board of Directors for AWWA, protecting the quality of our lakes.”

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