I am happy to announce the 2020 AWWA season is a go! A lot is still uncertain about where things will go in the next year, following the pandemic and the shutdown. Despite these uncertainties, AWWA’s staff and board decided that being present to help our residents protect the water and the lakes was too important. As a result, we will be moving forward with all our normal programming, obviously with regard to CDC guidelines as long as they are in place.

Early in the season, I was unsure what life on the lakes would look like this summer. But as soon as the ice started to thaw, my phone started to ring. Residents wanted help with erosion, and kids wanted to know if they could apply for the YCC program. Hiring the youth crew was a strong motivator in our decision to move forward with the program this summer. As I started to speak with these passionate youths over phone calls and remote interviews, I found myself saying each time “I really hope I can give these kids a job” 

As it turned out, I got more applications than ever, and just as many people looking for help on the lake. I am happy to say that despite the chaos and uncertainty we have all been dealing with, the health of our lakes is still on our minds and the minds of this community. A lot is still uncertain, but this summer you can be certain you will see AWWA out on the lakes, doing our part to protect clean and healthy water! I hope to see you all out there too.