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Acton’s Stream Explorers

On Monday, Acton Elementary's 6th grade explored a stream flowing through the Province Lake Golf Course. We spent the morning collecting all the macroinvertebrates we could find, including dragonflies, crayfish, mayflies, crane flies and more! We also conducted some...

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Exploring Our Watersheds Above and Below

For the past several years, thanks to the 8th grade teacher Gavin Kearns, the Paul School 8th grade has been participating the SeaPerch program. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard provides funding and volunteers to help the students build these Remotely Operative Vehicles...

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Tank Tales: The End

We had a wonderful day yesterday releasing the Paul School's brook trout! It's such a fun experiencing following the journey of a trout, or 200 for that matter! The 4th graders were able to release their fry into the Branch River that runs right behind the school. Now...

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Tank Tales: Free At Last

On Tuesday when I arrived at Acton Elementary, it seemed that everyone in the school knew why I was there, and knew that "it was time". It was time for the 7th grader's trout to enter the big wide world. It continues to surprise me how attached the students get to...

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Tank Tales: Catching Critters

Last week the Paul School's 4th grade, and Acton Elementary's 7th grade, learned about how to determine water quality based on the types of macroinvertebrates or "water bugs" you find in a stream. These macroinvertebrates are important because once our brook trout are...

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