Edelmann 2Do you want to know more about how your landscape may be affecting the nearby streams and lakes? Do you have unsightly areas around your home that might be funneling sediment into our lakes or streams? Do want to learn about what plants will thrive in your garden? Do you want to see how rain gardens are installed?

Join AWWA and Springvale Nurseries June 27th at 9 AM for a free hands-on workshop at the Greater Wakefield Resource Center in Union, NH to learn about how our landscapes can help clean the water,  how to select and care for low-maintenance native plants for all conditions and then dig in to help create two on-site rain gardens. Simple rain gardens will not only help prevent runoff but can actually be an attractive part of your landscape design. Sam Wilson of AWWA and Michelle Martin of Springvale Nurseries will be on hand to answer all your healthy lake landscaping questions and demonstrate how to best plan your landscape. We’ll be providing lunch afterward, so please RSVP to info@awwatersheds.org or (603) 473-2500 by June 24. All are welcome!