Most of our eggs have turned into alevin, and only a few have yet to make the transition! All we have to do now is wait until they absorb their yolk sacs, and then we’ll have fingerlings to start feeding. Seeing the transformation from egg to alevin makes the process very real. When we first picked up the eggs, they were tiny and motionless. Now we have small creatures resembling trout, that wriggle around in the tank with big round silver eyes.
Every day the students rotate checking on the tank, recording it’s temperature, and make note of any eggs that die. When they die, they turn white and must be removed to prevent any harmful bacteria from spreading to the others.
The biggest excitement today was a two-headed trout! The students were extremely interested in how and why this happened. Some were fascinated and loved it, while others were sickened at the sight. We’re all curious to see how this little guy progresses!
If you’re curious what the tank looks like all set up, check out the video below to see!