On Monday, the AWWA Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) kicked off its 8th season of erosion control landscaping.  The past 7 seasons have been a great success with the installation of 476 Best Management Practices (BMPs) on 123 properties across 10 lakes.  These projects have stopped 244 tons of sediment and 207 pounds of phosphorus from entering these lakes annually.

This years crew is led by two veteran members of AWWA.  Anthony Stanton has been a part of AWWA since it began in 2006.  This will be Anthony’s 5 season as crew leader.  He is joined this year by a new crew leader, but by no means a rookie.  Jordan Shepherd has been with the program fro 5 years as a crew member and took over for Sam Wilson this year as crew leader.

The crew is a mixture of experiences, but make up one of the youngest aged crews AWWA has had.  Five crew members are 16 years old at the start of the season while one will be 18 at the end of June.  Two members are returning to AWWA from previous seasons and bring a wealth of knowledge about what AWWA does, why we do it, and how to install many of our erosion control features.

We look forward to a great year and stay tuned for updates on the season!