The NH Department of Environmental Services (DES), Town of Wakefield, the UNH Stormwater Center, and AWWA partnered last year to come up with money and site designs to fix chronic issues on Brackett Road around Lovell Lake.  After a  lot of hard prep work, the Wakefield Department of Public Works (DPW) started on the first of several sites to be done in late 2012.  To see the work that has been done or stay up to date on Brackett Road fixes, visit our Roadways BMPs.

The DPW worked extra hard learning some new techniques and employing some standard best practices to complete 3 sites last fall before the cold, snowy weather came.  They were able to complete these sites to STAY ON SCHEDULE and UNDER BUDGET on all 3 sites.  Last night, January 9, 2013, the NH DES presented the Wakefield DPW with an award for their hard work and commitment in protecting water quality through Best Management Practices (BMPs).  Fred Clough was in attendance to receive this award (top photo).

The NH DES also presented an award to the Wakefield Town Administrator Teresa Williams for her support of the project and hard work in developing the budget with AWWA and DES and organizing the DPW.  

The UNH Stormwater Center (UNHSC) also received awards for their work in site design and project oversight and teaching the DPW some new techniques.  James Houle of the UNHSC provided engineering and site design while Tim Puls provided the DPW with a lot of on site guidance and help.  

Here at AWWA, we would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the Town of Wakefield and the Wakefield DPW for their hard work and willingness to work on a chronic road problem that had terrible implications for lake water quality.  The work already done by the DPW will prevent over 6 tons of sediment and 70 lbs of phosphorus from entering Lovell Lake annually.

We would also like to thank the UNH Stormwater Center for their designs and diligent project oversite that allowed this work to be done in a timely and effiecient manor.  And thank you the NH Department of Environmental Services for their support in this work.

From left to right – Tim Puls UNHSC, James Houle UNHSC, Fred Clough Wakefield DPW, Sally Soule NH DES, Linda Schier AWWA Executive Director, and Teresa Williams Wakefield Town Administrator.